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Dear Valued Customers,
RE: 10th VSIP CHARITY DAY ON 26th & 27th May 2012
Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Management Board (VSIP
MB) and Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park J.V., Co., Ltd.
(VSIP) are jointly organizing the 10th successive VSIP Charity
Day on 26th & 27th May 2012.
The purpose of this charity event is to raise funds to support
the needy, and provide scholarship to the deserving students
from Binh Duong Province. In year 2008, we assisted in
building the Tan Binh Primary School located in one of the poor
district in Binh Duong Province. We also built a medical clinic
for the needy in Tan Uyen district, and 20 houses for the poor
in Tan Uyen district and Thuan An town in year 2011. All of
these projects were fully supported by VSIP Charity Funds.
This year, we hope to achieve more funds to build a kindergarten to enhance the convenience and life of our
valued employees working in VSIP.
Our target for this year is US$45,000 and we truly hope that with your help we can achieve this target and
even more.
We sincerely seek your heartfelt support to contribute generously to this program. You can support the
Charity drive by contributing cash, gift, coupon tickets, dinner tickets, stall purchase and participating in the
sports events.
A contribution commitment letter is enclosed and we would really appreciate it if you could reply to us by 15th
May 2012. A summary of the VSIP Charity Fund expense records is attached in this letter for your information.
Please contact Ms Thao or Ms Hang at Tel: (0650) 3 743 898 for more information on our Charity Day
program and how the charity funds are being used.
On behalf of the needy, we thank you for your generous support.
Nguyen Phu Thinh
Pham Van Son Khanh
General Director
Vice Chairman
Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park J.V., Co., Ltd.
VSIP Management Board
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