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VSIP Binh Duong:
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VSIP Bac Ninh:
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The Leading Township & Industrial Park Developer in Vietnam
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VSIP Quang Ngai:
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As one of value added services to the customers, VSIP periodically
organize VSIP Business Networking Session for all companies
operating in the park.
This is a good opportunity to all our successful business partners to
gather for a mingling session. The objective is to allow better
understanding of each other nature of business, information sharing,
and a potential business cooperation or alliance opportunity. In this
session, there will be a brief presentation from American Accounting
Association on how to measure the result and efficiency in
business. There will also be an informal sharing session with our
invited guests from the banker, the auditor and the legal consultant.
The details of this event are appended below
Date : 20 April 2012
Time : 2pm to 5pm
Venue : VSIP Auditorium
1400 – 1515: Performance management: Guide to measure the
results and efficiency in business” by Dr. Lawson, Vice President of
IMA (Institute of Management Accounting - the American
Management Accounting Association)
1515 – 1545: Presentation by VSIP Marketing Department on VSIP projects
1545 – 1600: Presentation of scholarship by The VSIP Charity Fund
1600 – 1700: Networking session
If you are interested to join the session, please kindly drop us an email at
by 17
April 2012
for confirmation of your presence.
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VSIP Business Networking Session