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Vietnamese Government ensures
the security of foreign investment
at VSIP Binh Duong
More FDI at VSIP Binh Duong
Binh Duong, May 17, 2014
– Vietnamese President
Truong Tan Sang toured the VSIP Binh Duong to
survey the damage after thousands of Vietnamese
staged protests in the province over China's activi-
ties off the coast of Vietnam.
During the visit, he also met with the VSIP manage-
ment and tenants. The President expressed his re-
gret that damage was caused to tenant properties
and the industrial park. President Sang assured eve-
ryone of the police's commitment to ensure safety.
President also shared that this was the first of such
incident in Vietnam after more than 30 years, add-
ing that the violence was unexpected.
Binh Duong, June 4, 2014
– Eight more foreign
investors of VSIP Binh Duong were granted in-
vestment certificates by the Binh Duong People’s
Committee. Of the total, three are newly set up en-
terprises while the remainders are existing invest-
ments that have injected more capital into their
operations. With the new investment, these have
increased the total number of investment projects
at VSIP Binh Duong to more than 400.
In the first half of 2014, VSIP Binh Duong has
achieved very impressive FDI results. There has
been a remarkable 253% year on year increase in
investment capital reaching US$500million. The FDI
source came primarily from Korea, USA, Netherland,
Malaysia and Singapore.
H.E. Truong Tan Sang (L) has acknowledged the impor tant con-
tr ibut ions of foreign investors to Vietnam' s economy and the
role of the Vietnam Singapore Industr ial Park ( VSIP) in faci l i tat-
ing the countr y' s economic development .
Chai rman Le Thanh Cung of Binh Duong Province (C) congratu-
lates the enterpr ises at the investment cer t i f icate award ceremo-
ny in the province.