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In his opening remark, Mr Anthony Tan
– Deputy General Director of VSIP JV
Company said, “All the VSIP charitable
activities would be impossible without
the generous support fromtenants, busi-
ness partners, workers and staffs at VSIP.
We would like to take this opportunity to
extend our sincere gratitude to all for the
strong support including all the sponsors
and everyone who participates in the
Charity Day activities.” After twelve years
since establishment, theVSIP Charity Day
has fulfilled its mission to become an an-
nual playground for thousands of work-
ers, while it also successfully raised the
VSIP Charity Fund as a reliable platform
for hundreds of VSIP tenants to donate
and contribute to the community where
they operate.
“VSIP would like to assure you that VSIP
Charity fund will be spent in the most ef-
fective and appropriate manner. We look
forward to your continued support and
participation to our VSIP Charity activi-
ties,”Mr Anthony added.
Our congratulations to the followingVSIPTenants named inBinhDuongGreenBook 2014
1. Petrolimex Paint Co., Ltd.
2. Nitto DenkoVietnamCo., Ltd.
3. Hoya Lens VietnamCo., Ltd.
4. StadaVietnam JV, Co.
5. Estec Vina Co., Ltd.
6. GS BatteryVietnamCo., Ltd.
7. ImexpharmPharmaceutical JSC
armaVietnamCo., Ltd.
armaceutical VietnamCo.
10. Apparel Far EasternVietnamCo., Ltd.
11. Glomed Pharmaceutical Co., INC
12. Glatz Paper VietnamCo., Ltd.
13. VietnamParkerizing Co., Ltd.
14. Kimberly - ClarkVietnamCo., Ltd.
15. TakakoVietnamCo., Ltd.
16. Tran Quang Coffee &Tea Co., Ltd.
17. Korea United Pharm Int'l Inc
18. Esquel Garment ManufacturingVietnamCo., Ltd.
19. Procter & Gamble Indochina Ltd.
20. UchiyamaVietnamCo., Ltd.
21. RohtoMentholatumVietnamCo., Ltd.
22. Omron HealthcareManufacturingVietnamCo., Ltd.
23. OnambaVietnamCo., Ltd.
24. Green Cross VietnamCo., Ltd.
25. Yakult VietnamCo., Ltd.
Binh Duong New City, May 31, 2014
- At the ceremony commemorating theWorld En-
vironment Day in Binh Duong New City, VSIP and its 25 customers were among 59 enter-
prises honored in the Green Book 2014 of Binh Duong Province for their achievements in
the environmental protection in the province.
For enterprises to be named in the Green Book 2014, theymust successfully achieved three
criteria, i.e.: (1) comply with environmental legislation; (2) comply with the environmental
standards and specifications; (3) and comply with environmental management profile and
other related issues
The Green Book of Binh Duong province was started in 2011 by the Department of Natu-
ral Resources and Environment to recognize and celebrate province-based enterprises for
their significant contributions to the provincial environment and to enhance the aware-
ness of other enterprises in environment protection by attracting the publicity of the
Green Book. In 2012, 22VSIP tenants were honored in this publication.
VSIP and its 25 customers honored in the
Binh Duong’s Green Book 2014