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Esquel Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, which is active in apparel, printed fabric and plastic bag production at VSIP has decided to
raise its investment capital to US$60million fromUS$25million.
General Director Mr. Kent Teh said although the company was hit by the recent protests inMay, the Government and local authorities
have offered strong assistance to help them through this difficult period. As such, they decided to double their investment capital to
demonstrate their commitment and confidence in the country.
Binh Duong Province’s Chairman Mr. Le Thanh Cung said at the certificate award ceremony that the Government and provincial au-
thorities wouldmake every efforts to restore the investors’confidence of the business environment in the province.
The province will also order relevant agencies to support the investors so that they can have peace of mind to do long-termbusiness,
Chairman Cung added.
VSIP’s tenants received investment certificates for new and
expansion projects
Binh Duong, September 16, 2014
- Authorities of Binh Duong Province awarded certificates to 37 new foreign direct investment
operational projects with total pledges of US$380million. Six FDI investors fromVSIP BinhDuong’s operating customers and
w FDI investors will be located inVSIP II Expansion.
Binh Duong Province’s ChairmanMr. LeThanh Cung granting investment certificates to investors