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Binh Duong, July 28, 2014
Binh Duong’s Trade Union organized a
ceremony tocelebrate the85thanniversaryof
Vietnam’s Trade Union and to honor workers
who had achieved excellence performance in
production. 72 workers were awarded certifi-
cates at the ceremony to recognize their con-
tributions and roles.
Creativity and good performance at work is
a major campaign initiated by the VSIP Binh
Duong’s Trade Union annually. Arising from
this campaign, many projects, research and
innovation ideas have been introduced by
kers at the workplace thus contribut-
st saving for the enterprises.
Binh Duong, September 22, 2014
– VSIP Trade Union organized the
competition on “Safety & Hygiene at work 2014”. VSIP J.V’s Union was
named the winner of this competition. Other participants included Li-
wayway, Far Eastern, Tuschiya and Esquel which hadgood track recordon
safety and hygiene performance at their workplace.
VSIP JV and its customers participat-
ed in the Safety & Hygiene Competi-
tion 2014
72 workers awarded for
creativity and good
performance in
Mr. Phung Tuan Hung presenting his cost-saving innovative suggestion which
helped Spatronics Vietnam savedmillions of Vietnamdong eachmonth.
Chairman of VSIPTrade UnionMs DangThi KimChi granting awards to workers