Nissin Foods Vietnam Co., Ltd inaugurates in-
stant noodle factory
Ground Breaking Ceremony of
Takako Vietnam second factory
Nissin Foods, a world-wide company which in-
troduced first instant noodle from Japan, has
launched its plant on July 5th, 2012. The factory
covers six hectares in VSIP II-A, Binh Duong Prov-
ince’s Tan Uyen District. The plant will annually
produce 320 million packets of instant noodles
of various favors. With the total investment of
US$54 million, Nissin expects to be one of the
biggest manufacturers of instant noodle in Vi-
etnam market.
Takako Vietnam Co., Ltd. held its
second factory’s ground break-
ing ceremony on August 31st,
2012 at VSIP I, Binh Duong
Province’s Thuan An Town.
Known as a wholly Japanese-
owned company, Takako Vi-
etnam Co., Ltd. specialized
in manufacturing and sales
of car components, high
pressure petroleum pump
components. With the to-
tal investment of US$40
million, the plant is esti-
mated to produce over
30 million parts a year
for exporting market.
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