On the 19 July 2012 VSIP coordinated
with Towers Watson Vietnam to or-
ganize a HR seminar for VSIP tenants.
The seminar “Compensation & Benefit
Structure” aimed to help VSIP tenants
acquire and review basic concepts in
compensation and benefit manage-
ment as well as to provide the latest
market trend on salary adjustment,
staff turnovers and hot HR issues.
Following the success of the first business networking session event, VSIP or-
ganized the 2nd VSIP business networking session on 21 September 2012.
In this session, VSIP coordinated with KPMG to provide update on new tax
regulation. The networking session also served as a good platform for all
the Management of VSIP tenants to come together to know each other
better and to explore business opportunities and co-operation.
Understanding that fire prevention is very essential for the park operation, VSIP
FMS coordinated with Binh Duong Fire Fighting Department to organize the
fire fighting training course for tenants in VSIP I. Covered in the training course
were both theory and rehearsal on drill training.
HR Seminar
The second business networking session in 2012
Fire fighting Training Course on Jul 20th & 21st 2012
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