Eastern International University
NgoThoi NhiemPrimary – Secondary – High School
On Sep 24th, Eastern International
University (EIU) celebrated the com-
mencement of new academic year
2012 – 2013.
In the academic year 2011 – 2012,
EIU received more than 2,000 stu-
dents of college and university. Six
hundreds of them applied for reg-
ular training, 531 junior and high
school teachers studying IELTS and
911 students specially trained for
Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park
and Vietnam Technology and Tel-
ecommunication Joint Stock Com-
pany (VNTT).
On Sep 06th Ngo Thoi Nhiem School
held the inauguration of its first
phase opening ceremony of the
school year 2012 – 2013.
Ngo Thoi Nhiem Primary – Sec-
ondary – High School is the joint-
venture of Becamex IDC and Ngo
Thoi Nhiem school – Ho Chi Minh
City branch. Located on a three-
hectare site, the school offers fully-
integrated infrastructure with well-
equipped classroom, dormitory,
swimming pool, playground and
The enrollment for this academic
year 2012 – 2013 includes 1,494
students of college and university
and 582 teachers from Binh Duong
Education and Training Department
and provincial Political School. This
year, EIU applies the credit unit reg-
ulations with three-semester school
year. Especially, Cheong Ui Cheol
from Korea becomes the first inter-
national student at the school.
sports hall. The total investment
capital is VND160 billion.
For its first batch of enrolment, the
school received 700 students for all
grades excluding grade 12. Beside
applying the education program of
Ministry of Education and Training,
the school also teaches the Cam-
bridge program including English,
Math, Sciences, appropriately to the
students’ demands and internation-
al integration.
(Source: Binh Duong Web Portal)
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