With the strong support from VSIP’s
tenants, the annual VSIP Charity Day
held on May 26 and May 27, 2012
organized by Vietnam Singapore In-
dustrial Park (VSIP) JV Company and
the VSIP Management Board suc-
cessfully raised US$50,000 of dona-
The VSIP Charity Day drew in tenants
and their workers to raise funds to for
the needy and the underprivileged
in the Binh Duong Province. Since
its inaugural launch in 2003, the VSIP
Charity Day has collected more than
US$500,000 of donations over the
past ten years.
This year, the VSIP charity day was
held in May to coincide with the “La-
bor Month 2012”, organized to com-
memorate Vietnam’s 126th anniver-
sary of International Labor Day. The
two-day carnival featured art per-
formances, sports events, traditional
games and a charity fun fair. Over
300 tenants and thousands workers
from VSIP supported and partici-
pated in the 2 days event. Specially
supported by the Investment and
Two fun-filled days of activities for
workers held in conjunction with
“Labor Month 2012”
THE 10
RAISES US$50,000
“We are very pleased to continue our tradition of giving back to the community.
Ten years on, the VSIP Charity Day has successfully created a relia­ble channel
for VSIP tenants to donate and contribute to the Binh Duong’s com­munity via
the VSIP Charity Fund. The VSIP Charity Day has also cultivated a cohesive
culture of giving within the park, and has become an annual event highly ap-
preciated by many,” said Mr Nguyen Phu Thinh, General Director of VSIP JV
Company in the opening speech of VSIP Charity Gala Dinner.
Trade Promotion Center, the fun fair
attracted 67 kiosks, offering a wide
range of consumer products at a spe-
cial price. The event ended with a
charity dinner themed“travel around
the World”, which had beauty pag-
eant dressed in various national cos-
tumes from around the world.
The funds raised last year went to-
wards the disbursement of scholar-
ships to needy students in the Binh
Duong Province; operations of the
VSIP Community Clinic in Tan Uyen
District which provides free first aids,
medical consultation and counseling
services for the medically under-
served populations in the area; and
construction of over 20 houses for
the needy in Tan Uyen District and
Thuan An Town. In addition, it has
also supported dioxin victims in the
Binh Duong Province and the handi-
capped students at the Thuan An
Disable Children Education Center
and other charitable programs.
The VSIP Charity Fund will continue
to be used to support the underprivi-
leged, fund scholarships to needy
students in the Binh Duong Province
and run the VSIP Community Clinic.
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