More security surveillance set up at ATMs around VSIP
At VSIP, securing a safe and peace-
ful environment for our tenants
is our top priority. Facing the risk
of theft targeting at ATMs around
the park recently, VSIP Security De-
partment has set up more security
surveillance measures around the
park. Warning signs on motorbike
Sembcorp Development Consolidates Ownership in
Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Pte Ltd
28 September 2012 – Sembcorp
Industries announces that its whol-
ly-owned subsidiary, Sembcorp
Development Ltd (Sembcorp De-
velopment), has increased its inter-
est in Vietnam Singapore Industrial
Park Pte Ltd (VSIPPL) from 87.6%
to 92.9% following its acquisition
of shares in VSIPPL from a minority
VSIPPL represents the Singapore
consortiumwhichholds a 51%stake
in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial
Park Joint Venture Co., the develop-
er of the Vietnam Singapore Indus-
trial Park projects. With Sembcorp
Development’s increased share in
the Singapore consortium, its effec-
tive share in the Vietnam Singapore
Industrial Park Joint Venture Co. has
increased to 47.4%.
The acquisition will allow Semb-
corp Development to further con-
solidate its ownership of VSIPPL.
The total purchase consideration
of S$7.4 million is based on the net
asset value of VSIPPL as at May 31,
2012 and arrived at on a willing
buyer willing seller basis.
The above acquistion will be fund-
ed internally and is not expected to
have a material impact on the earn-
ings per share and net asset value
per share of Sembcorp Industries
for the current financial year.
theft are placed around VSIP prem-
ise. Notice and letters were sent
to VSIP tenants to remind them to
be more vigilant while performing
ATM transactions. Security guards
in casual attire are stationed near
the ATM machines during the peak
period to monitor the situation.
In the fourth quarter of 2012, two
motorbike thieves at the ATMs were
apprehended by VSIP Security on
18 & 20 November 2012. Fortunate-
ly, the victims were able to recover
their properties and unharmed in
these incidents.
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