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London, 19 September 2013
– Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park J.V.
Co., Limited has been named “Best Industrial & Warehouse Developer
in Vietnam” by international finance magazine Euromoney, in the 9th
annual global Euromoney Real Estate Survey.
In recognising VSIP for the award, Euromoney Editor Clive Hor-
wood highlighted how “the winners of this year’s Euromoney
survey are those that exhibited the ability to innovate and
make best use of the inherent strengths of their organisation.
Key players in real estate banking, development, investment
management and advisory services have recognised VSIP as a
market leader.”
So far, VSIP has five projects across the country, in Binh Duong and Bac
Ninh provinces, as well as in Hai Phong City and recently in Quang Ngai
province. The total gross area of the VSIP developments comprises
6,000 hectares, makingVSIP the largest integrated township and indus-
trial park development in Vietnam. To date, VSIP has attracted US$6.4
billion in total investment capital from over 490 companies to Vietnam.
Companies operating in the VSIP developments employ more than
140,000 workers.
Regarded as the benchmark awards for the global real estate indus-
try, the Euromoney Real Estate Survey is now in its 9th year. This year’s
awards process, which began in March, canvassed the opinions of sen-
ior real estate bankers, developers, investment managers, corporate
end-users and advisory firms in over 70 countries. With over 2,000 re-
sponses, it is the biggest ever Euromoney Real Estate Poll.
Thu Dau Mot City, 04 October 2013
– In conjunction with The Peo-
ple’s Firefighting Day (04 October), Thu Dau Mot City’s People Com-
mittee and the Firefighting Police Department of Binh Duong province
co-organized the "Thu Dau Mot City’s Fest on Firefighting 2013"
On the morning of 04 October, 42 companies and organizations from
Binh Duong province gathered to compete in two sessions: decoration
of firefighting education trucks and firefighting skills (obstacle passing,
fire extinguishing, people and property rescue).
As a result, VSIP won three first prizes in team performance and in each
VSIP named as ‘Best Industrial &Warehouse
Developer in Vietnam’ by Euromoney magazine
VSIP won first prize at the local firefighting fest