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East West Industries first wholly owned building was completed
in 2007 in VSIP II. With its newest facilities on July 26, 2013 it has
cast wider and penetrated into different production capabilities of
metal parts and electric products. This factory II forms part of the
three-building-complex with total of 18,000 square meters.
Since its inception in 2002, Hariki Precision Vietnam in VSIP I operation
and business has grown with great tenacity from one to three operating
facilities to date. On 19 July, 2013 Hariki Precision Vietnam Co., Ltd.
held its grand opening ceremony of the 3
Factory to increase their
production capacity to access to new markets. This additional facility
will produce ultra precision metal components for computer and other
electronic parts.
Inauguration Ceremony of Factory II of East West Industries Vietnam
Hariki PrecisionVietnam Co.’ Ltd commissioned its 3rd Factory inVSIP
On 19 June, 2013 Wipro Unza Vietnam Co., Ltd. celebrated its grand
opening ceremony for the new warehouse located in VSIP I. This new
warehouse will increase their storage capacity by 86% to meet the
manufacturing demand and to expand their market in the healthcare
and family care products.
Wipro Unza Vietnam Co., Ltd. Opens NewWarehouse in VSIP I