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VSIP together with Deloitte Vietnam co-organized a tax seminar on 31 July.
The seminar provided the participants with the most updates on tax policy
which is applicable since 01 Jul 2013 such as Corporate Income Tax, Value
Added Tax and Foreign Contractor, Withholding Tax Transfer Pricing, Personal
Income Tax.
We understood the importance of staff training in an organization; VSIP had the
pleasure to work with some training institutions to conduct five (05) training
courses forVSIP’s Customers in theQuarter III/2013 at our premises. These courses
attractedmany participants from the tenants in the park and they are as follows:
Course 1
: World Class Customer ServiceTraining course by Corporate
Training Solutions on 18 & 19 Jul
Course 2 :
The fire fighting training course by Binh Duong Fire Fighting
Department on 20 & 27 Jul (2 courses)
Course 3:
Writing Emails By Eastern International University (EIU)
Language Center on 15 & 16 Aug
Course 4:
Professional Presentation Skill by KhueVan Academy on 19 &
20 Sept
VSIP partnered with LNT & Partner to organize a workshop on “Highlights on
trading businesses of foreign invested enterprises and Commercial Disputes”
on 23 Aug. The seminar provided the participants some significant informa-
tion such as import duties exemption among ASEAN countries; implement-
ing the import right, export right, distribution right of foreign invested en-
terprises and settlements of commercial disputes via courts and arbitration.
VSIP and Mitsui Sumitomo Vietnam Insurance Company co-organized the
seminar on electric disaster prevention on 23 Sept. The aim of the talk was to
educate participants on the common accidents which occurred in the factory
compound and also some of the finest points on how to prevent such electric
accidents from happening.
VSIP and TWI jointly organized a talk for front line supervisors on 02 Aug. The
seminar aimed to provide the participants 03 crucial knowledge such as job
relations, job instruction and job methods to help them build a strong foun-
dation within their enterprise.
Tax Seminar by Deloitte Vietnam on 31 Jul
Training Courses held in Quarter III/2013
Legal Seminar by LNT & Partners on 23 Aug
Seminar on Electric Disaster Prevention by Mitsui Sumito-
mo Vietnam Insurance Company on 10 Sept s
Seminar for Front Line Supervisors by Training within In-
dustry (TWI) Association Vietnam on 02 Aug