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JIN LONG PRINTING (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. has put put its first step in Viet-
nam on 25
December, 2013. The ground breaking ceremony was held
in VSIP II. They will concentrate on printing all kinds of brand packaging:
cartons, paper tag, technical nvotes, instructions, and stickers.
On 6
December, 2013 the Second Factory of Tran Quang Coffee broke
ground in VSIP I marking the continuous development of the company in
manufacture of coffee and tea.
Jin Long broke ground in VSIP II
Tran Quang Coffee – Second Factory broke ground inVSIP I
URC Central Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of chocolate, candy, biscuit, non-
alcohol drink, and mineral water, broke the ground in VSIP Quang
Ngai on 10 December 2013. Total capital of the investment is US$35
Million. This is the first tenant who kicked off construction in the site.
The 5-hectare plant is expected to become operational on August
2014, offering 1,000 jobs for workers.
XinDaDong Textiles (Vietnam) was licensed by Dung Quat Economic
Zone Authority on 05 December 2013. The 25-hectare factory will be
built up soon and come into operation in 2014. The factory will pro-
duce and process yarn, shuttle weaved cloth and finishing weaved
URCCentral Co., Ltd. startedconstructionof its factory inVSIPQuangNgai
XinDaDong Textiles (Vietnam) granted Investment Certificate