VSIP commits to a sustainable and green living standard to VSIP Quang Ngai Township, Quang Ngai City

  • Leaders of Quang Ngai city and VSIP Quang Ngai Co., Ltd. hold Tree Planting Ceremony
  • Announcement of building VSIP Plaza and first residential project: “Thien My Loc” in VSIP Quang Ngai residential, Quang Ngai city
Quang Ngai, July 25, 2016 – This morning VSIP Quang Ngai Co., Ltd. organized the Tree Planting Ceremony in Central Park, Quang Ngai city to appreciate the importance of environment protection in our daily lives and encourage people to protect benefits that the trees bring to us.

On this occasion, the company also introduced their first residential project: “Thien My Loc”, to the people of Quang Ngai. This project is planned to construct on a 254.51 ha land, in which the investment certificate of phase 1 (99ha) was approved on June 2015. The construction and backfilling work have started since mid-February 2016. By the end of the year, 24 ha of land with infrastructure and amenities will be completed including Thien My Loc residential, the Central Park, and VSIP Plaza.

The goal of this project is to build up a new residential area which can meet locals’ demand for living in a green, clean and beautiful environment with reasonable costs, synchronized-and-modern urban infrastructure and more convenient utilities; to ensure living space for family life, community communication, and nature-harmonized entertainment. When completed, this 6,500-units residential project will house an expected number of 34,650 residents.
The entire 254 ha master plan was designed based on a concept of a natural and serene environment. 15% of the entire project is reserved for greenery. Hence, our first project for this township is to build a park where everyone can enjoy. This 21,000 m2 park was designed by a Singaporean consultant based on a family concept. This is a 3-generation park where the elderly, parents and children can interact together and enjoy the flower garden, outdoor exercise equipment, 400m jogging trek, water fountain features and children playground. This VSIP central park has more than 80 species of trees and plants
Besides VSIP Central Park, we are building the VSIP Plaza. This plaza will house restaurant, café and shops to support the residents here. We have also started constructing our first residential development project: ”Thien My Loc” ,which is targeted to launch in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year.
VSIP is committed to provide green and serene living in VSIP Quang Ngai city.
About VSIP Quang Ngai:
VSIP Quang Ngai broke ground on 13th Sept’ 2013. Today, we have attracted 13 investors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. 4 of these companies have started operation and employed 2,700 workers. An estimated 17,000 job opportunities will be created when the 13 tenants are in full operation.
Since the establishment of VSIP Quang Ngai, the company has carried out its CSR programs with an estimated total contribution of more than VND 4.7 billion to communities.
On May 2016, VSIP Quang Ngai organized the “Thư Viện Cho Em” program, with a total amount of 390 million VND were contributed to upgrade and offer books to 4 libraries of local primary schools

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