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Industrial University of Vinh signed an MOU on training and labor supply contract for VSIP Nghe An

On the morning of July 20, Industrial University of Vinh held a signing ceremony of training and recruitment cooperation between Industrial University of Vinh and VSIP Nghe An Co., Ltd.

The demand for labor in VSIP industrial parks is increasing

VSIP Nghe An Industrial and Commercial & Residential Park is the 7th industrial park of VSIP Group which is invested methodically, modernly and impressively in Nghe An with Industrial, Commercial and Residential Area..

A corner of VSIP Nghe An Industrial Park 

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Till date, the infrastructure of the industrial park has basically been completed with traffic systems, roads, and ready-built factories designed, constructed and supervised in accordance with international standards.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Teng Wei Hong - Deputy General Director of VSIP Nghe An also informed about the progress of project implementation and labor needs of enterprises in VSIP industrial parks in the near future.

Industrial University of Vinh leaders introduced the system of workshops and practice houses of the university.
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Accordingly, VSIP Industrial Park currently need about 3,000 employees. However, after the pandemic, the trend of shifting investment from other countries to Vietnam will increase, so the demand for labor will be more in the near future and will focus mainly in the central region.

Representative of VSIP Nghe An also highly appreciated the training of Industrial University of Vinh.

On that basis, it is expected that in the near future, VSIP Co., Ltd. and the university will have more cooperation in the field of training and labor supply in accordance with the recruitment needs of current businesses, especially is the labor force's supply of practice engineers, accountants and skilled workers.

Industrial University of Vinh has well-equipped facilities and is considered as one of the universities that are highly appreciated for the quality of training.

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Strengthening the signing agreement between VSIP Group and Industrial University of Vinh.

In recent years, Industrial University of Vinh (IUV) always upholds the motto of practical activities, designing training programs in the direction of "Connecting the university to enterprises". Currently, the school is cooperating with many companies and businesses at home and abroad, creating favorable conditions and opportunities for students to experience reality, work and develop in a professional environment.

Representatives of VSIP Nghe An Co., Ltd and Industrial University of Vinh discussed at the signing ceremony.
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Promoting the achievements, on July 20, Industrial University of Vinh and Nghe An VSIP Co., Ltd. officially signed a memorandum of understanding on Cooperation in Education, Training and Recruitment.

The agreement aims to create cohesion, cooperation and promote sustainable development of the two sides. According to the signed content, the school will improve the quality of training to provide high quality labor for VSIP Nghe An and its partner investors in industrial park.

Mr. Tran Le Dung – Chairman of the University Council speaks at the ceremony

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Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Le Dung - Chairman of Industrial University of Vinh’s Council said: The signing event of cooperation on education, training and recruitment between Industrial University of Vinh and VSIP Nghe An will create more job opportunities for students after graduation.

According to the MOU, Industrial University of Vinh will maximize the resources to learn and assess the needs of employers, thereby applying an appropriate training program, ensuring the supply of qualified employees, meeting the actual recruitment needs of VSIP Nghe An and other businesses in the region.  

After the signing ceremony, VSIP Nghe An will periodically conduct a labor demand survey and provide Industrial University of Vinh with information on the status, demand forecast and labor recruitment requirements of the company. In addition, the company will consider to support students with excellent study performance by scholarships.
The signing ceremony of cooperation will create good opportunities for both sides to train, provide high quality labor, meet the requirements of industrialization, modernization and technology 4.0.