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Lately, VSIP officially launched an online portal on all important social platforms. This overarching portal is where the most updated information and events are shared, as well as a glue for all VSIP stakeholders (tenants, potential investors, employees) to better connect. 

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VSIP’s social omnipresence means customers are better updated

• Facebook: A platform to best arm potential investors with the latest news on VSIP’s services. This helps targeted customers to learn more about integrated township and industrial park real estate - the very model that VSIP provides. Meanwhile, potential investors can easily update potential projects.

Follow VSIP’s official Facebook account here

• Youtube: a collection of vivid videos about VSIP – the leading industrial park and integrated township developer in Vietnam. Altogether, this helps potential investors to get a sense of VSIP’s space to better their investment decisions.

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• Linkedin: known as the most comprehensive network for experts, Linkedin will be used to present VSIP’s brand in a professional way, update industry news as well as connecting domestic with foreign investors.

Do not miss useful information on the Linkedin channel of VSIP Vietnam.

• Twitter: The bite-sized, succinct messages that help differ Twitter from other platforms mean VSIP can reach customers in a direct, time-efficient manner. Via Twitter, future tenants from essential markets such as Singapore or Japan can better update VSIP news in the way they favor best.

Follow VSIP’s twitter account now at link.

Aiming to better serve our customers, VSIP will be integrated on all regional social platforms such as Zalo, KKT, Line and Wechat. This streamlined portal means all potential international clients are always informed and updated.

Follow our social media accounts now to keep updating industry news as well as new investment opportunities at VSIP!