Haiphong, July 22, 2021 - More than 10 years since starting construction in 2010 under the witness of the prime ministers of Vietnam and Singapore, VSIP Haiphong is looking back on a long journey through which it has transformed the face of Haiphong and the lives of its people.

Covering a total area of 1,566 hectares, VSIP Haiphong Township and Industrial Park Complex boasts a strategic location with easy access to the city centre, Cat Bi International Airport, Hoang Van Thu Bridge, Binh Bridge, Haiphong Port, Lach Huyen Port, and the new administrative centre. Haiphong also enjoy preferential tariff treatment.

VSIP Haiphong has been a spotlight in attracting foreign investors seeking a safe, friendly, and efficient investment climate. As of present, the project has lured in 60 tenants with the total investment capital of more than $2.5 billion. Among them, 39 foreign-invested firms have put their factories into operation. VSIP Haiphong achieved the occupancy rate of 72 per cent. Its tenants mainly invest in high-tech, clean, and modern fields such as KYOCERA Document Technology Vietnam, Fuji Xerox Haiphong, Chilisin Electronics Vietnam, Maple, and Regina Miracle International Vietnam, among others.

VSIP Haiphong has generated 58,000 jobs, 55 per cent of which are filled by locals from Thuy Nguyen district. In particular, many handicapped people are employed by companies in the park with better income. After over a decade, VSIP Haiphong have created sustainable values and tremendous changes for Thuy Nuyen district. Since VSIP Haiphong came into operation, it has turned the low-yield lowland rice fields into modern international-compliant factories. This will help to prevent the spread of the pandemic as well as create a protection for our working place. The city highly appreciated our prompt and immediate sponsor.
VSIP Haiphong accompanies COVID-19 pandemic prevention and community activities

Along with economic development, VSIP Haiphong always strives to contribute to the local community by providing educational, housing, and healthcare facilities for the disadvantaged. Also, VSIP Haiphong paid great attention to sharing the burdens of the community due to the severe impact of COVID-19. At the beginning of 2020, the company, along with Thuy Nguyen district, have built many houses of gratitude for disadvantaged local people. In May 2020, the company organised an event to offer rice for those who are affected by the pandemic in eight towns in Thuy Nguyen and workers in the park.

In response to the city's calling for support, VSIP Haiphong donated VND2 billion ($86,960) to pandemic prevention in 2020 and another VND2 billion to the city's vaccine fund in June 2021. In May 2020, the company organised a charity activity to donate rice for those facing difficulties during the pandemic in eight communes in Thuy Nguyen district and workers in the park.

With these efforts and vision, VSIP Haiphong will continue to promote sustainable development in Haiphong and create outstanding values for Thuy Nguyen district and the greater city alike.