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Binh Duong, August 10, 2021 – In three days from August 9-11, 2021, VSIP JV in association with the Binh Duong Industrial Zone Management Board to organize and complete the vaccination against Covid-19 safely, orderly and on schedule for nearly 40,000 workers working at enterprises registered to apply "3-on-site" model at VSIP Binh Duong industrial parks (VSIP I & II).
Mr. Truong Hoang Nam, a worker at Tran Quang Co. Ltd in VSIP I, who was just vaccinated, excitedly said: "The first time I went for the injection, I felt nervous, but when I got to the vaccination site, the doctors and medical staff guided me through the procedures and checked my health before the injection; that was very dedicated and thoughtful to help me feel more secure. After the injection, I only had a slight fever and feel a bit sluggish. Amidst the Covid-19 situation, I feel very fortunate to be vaccinated and feel more secure to work. I wish all workers would be vaccinated.” According to Nam, he still strictly implements pandemic precautions and control measures in spite of the vaccination.
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Mr Huynh Kinh Quoc, representative of Hoya Lens Vietnam Co., Ltd (VSIP II), said that the company's workers have just been vaccinated against Covid-19. He highly appreciated the very methodical, swift and professional vaccination organization at VSIP II industrial park. “The organization of vaccinations methodically and in a timely manner helps us feel secure in production. In the coming time, we hope that the authorities will soon support the second injection and all workers living and working in Binh Duong province will be vaccinated to create immunity, shortly bring life and production back to normal”.
Ms. Dang Thi Kim Chi, President of VSIP Trade Union, also expressed that the province should continue to give priority to vaccination for "3-on-site" companies and mass vaccination for workers, so that they can work with peace of mind and stay for a long time to work with businesses and Binh Duong. At enterprises that applied “stay-at-work" model with a large amount of workers, the vaccination should be organized on site to limit travel and minimize risks of infection that may cause production halt and the burden of Covid-19 testing costs to enterprises.